knock knock jokes for kids

Letter N : knock knock jokes for kids

  • Knock, Knock Who’s there? Nun Nun who? Nun of your business!
  • Knock, Knock Who’s there? Nicholas Nicholas who? A Nicholas is not much money these days.
  • Knock, knock.  Who’s there?  Nana.  Nana who?  Nana your business!


Letter O : knock knock jokes for kids

  • Knock, Knock Who’s there? Oscar Oscar who? Oscar silly question and get a silly answer!
  • Knock, Knock Who’s there? Owls say Owls say who? Yes, they do.
  • Knock, Knock Who’s there? Opportunity  Opportunity doesn’t knock twice!
  • Knock, Knock Who’s there? Odysseus Odysseus who? Odysseus the last straw!

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